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July 19, 2011

KYUHYUN and Han Seungyeon KARA COUPLE???

Yup beredar rumor kalo Super Junior Kyuhyun dan Kara Han Seungyeon jadian. oke ini kabar yang nyakitin hati gw banged. Kemarin KyuToria sekarang SeungKyu aaaaaa semoga rumor ini ga benar
Baca aja dari allkpop nih
According to Startoday, there just may be yet another idol couple in the works.

Rumors have been floating around that a star girl group member, labeled ‘S’, has ended her relationship with a senior idol member, and started dating an idol member with the initial ‘K’, who is of the same age.

With a cute, pure image, ‘S’ has built a huge male following. She looks especially young for her age and has been receiving much love for her bubbly image.

A music industry representative commented, “‘S’ is not the most popular member in her group because she belongs to such a popular group, but there are many good words said about her”, and that “she is very popular between seniors and fellow artists in the music industry, and she is approached very often”.

The person added that “‘K’ and ‘S’ were always very good friends, but when ‘S’ got out of her relationship, ‘K’ began flirting with ‘S’, and things are looking pretty serious between them. Their acquaintances have began speculating that they may have started dating”.


So who are these two lovebirds?

After some thorough research on what the netizen investigators of DCinside concluded, the most reasonable pair is KARA’s Han Seungyeon and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

But of course this is not confirmed, so we’ll just have to wait and see if these rumors are true!

aaaaa ga setuju ga setuju. oppa cari yang lain. Jangan sama dia. *siape elo* hahaha mianhae. Emosi nih bacanya

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  1. don't worry,,it is not true,,coz his mine,,LOLL

  2. Kenapa harus sma seung bla-bla-bla sich? aku dukung kak ghea, tapi sama Seo,,,



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